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Consulting services for the data center industry.


Datacentrs Inc is a newly established consulting business focused on the global Data Center business. 

I am Donough Roche, and I have been working in the Data Center industry for over twenty years. If you are looking to find a data center expert, look no further. Most recently I had leadership responsibility for the Global Sales Engineering team at Digital Realty. I am based in New York City but have been doing work all around North America and in Europe and APAC. Click my LinkedIn icon at the bottom of this page for more details.

I have listed some of my data center consultant  and advisory services below, but the best way to engage is to have a conversation. 

Please feel welcome to call or text me (on +1-917-370-3777), or send me a note to start a discussion.

Thanks for your interest!

Why datacentrs inc?


The most effective solutions that you provide for your customers are the ones crafted with a deep understanding of the challenges at hand, combined with drawing on deep global knowledge and experience that comes from multiple years at the forefront of the constantly evolving data center industry, working with customers large and small and from a broad spectrum of industries. 


Over twenty years of industry experience including my most recent tenure with a large global data center company provide many varied and complex experiences and skills from which to draw. From direct customer engagement to providing guidance to operations teams, from enhancing data center designs to solving complex technical challenges, my experiences running a global sales engineering team are available to you. See our services list below. 


It is essential to have a thorough and deep understanding of our customers’ challenges so that we can offer the most suitable solutions. With my essential mix of experiences in all elements of global data center sourcing, design, construction, operations, sales, and communications, I can provide additional resources when you need them, enhancing your competitive edge.


Data Center Assessments

Purchasing a new data center, or looking for independent guidance on an existing data center? Assistance is available for geographical and physical due diligence studies, including location assessments, availability of power/ communications/ labor resources, performing building assessments, MEP design assessments, and general suitability for your mission critical data center. Many consultants take each discipline separately, but the most important feedback provides you with a full, holistic, joined-up assessment that considers what your target users and customers really require.   

SEaaS (Sales Engineer as-a-Service)

If you are a data center provider, a landlord, a critical fit-out vendor, a broker, or a customer, avail of multiple years of Sales Engineering experience to help enhance your transactional competitive edge.  

Data Center Provider Competitive Analysis

Evaluating competing data center provider offerings? Know all the right questions to ask when comparing competing bids and proposals. Get familiar with all of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) jargon and understand how it can affect your ongoing operational costs. Ask all the questions that others don't, so that you know how your choice will affect your full cost of ownership.

Contract Review

Data Center contracts can be quite complex, and there could be items in there that seem innocuous, but without a full understanding of your technical design and the design of the data center, you might be signing up for something different than you intend. Use my years of experience with contract negotiations and technical SLA (Service Level Agreements) Terms & Conditions review to ensure your 3rd party wholesale/colo data center contract suits your needs or the needs of your valued customer. 

Deployment, Move-in, and Requirements Assessment

Assessment of your operational requirements and responsibilities during move-in, fit-out, deployment, and ongoing operations at your data center. Understanding these early in your new data center engagement will allow for more accurate budgeting and project scoping, and reduce any surprises.

International Technical Advice

US/EU/APAC technical requirements reviews and interpretation. Especially with your first data center deployment outside of your home country, you will be well served by understanding the technical differences and local terminology so that you don’t experience expensive surprises after signing your contracts.  

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